Apply for Housing FAQs

How much is the application fee and the holding deposit?

The application fee is $49.00 for each application and the holding deposit is $495.00.

How do I apply for housing?

First, fill out an application as complete as possible, and then send it with the credit fee payment to NFT Enterprises, Inc. to start the process. The process might take up to 24 hours. After it passes the credit check process, the unit will be offered to you, if you decide to accept the offer but not moving in right away, a holding deposit of will be required to reserve the apartment until the day you move in.

How do I secure for an apartment to make sure I will be the first on the list?

A complete filled application, a credit fee payment, and a holding deposit to show that youre serious, would automatically put you on the top of the list. This process does not guarantee you would get the unit, but rather put you at the first position ahead of everyone else to be considered.

Do I get my holding deposit money back if I change my mind?

No, you would lose your holding deposit money if you change your mind.

Is the credit check fee refundable?

It is non-refundable as we use this fund to work on your rental information.

Do I guarantee to get the apartment after I submit the application and a credit fee payment?

 No, you are not guarantee to get the apartment. In a competitive process, the best applicant would likely get it.

I pay for my parking, but someone always park in my stall, what should I do?

Report to our office with the vehicle license #.

My neighbor is too noisy way too late, is there a policy enforced for all residents in the complex?

All residents must comply to its noise policy. A violation might lead to an eviction.

Pet FAQs

What is the Pet deposit?

You can review your Pet deposit on your Lease agreement or  click here for details….

What if I get caught having a pet? How much do I have to pay?

NFT Enterprises, Inc. manages both pet-friendly apartments and no pet apartments. Your leasing agent has gone over the pet policies as well as no pet policies thoroughly during your move in orientation; however, we like to go over a few r e m i n d e r s. . .

If you are caught having a pet in a no-pet apartment, you will pay a pretty stiff penalty or face an eviction.   The penalty can be up to $1,500.00.  Call your regional manager for details 206-367-1517

Sublet FAQs

Can I sublet after just 6 months; even I sign a contract for a year?

Yes, you can sublet your unit with the approval from management. Your new resident would go through the same process you did when you first applied for housing which means filing out a rental application, a credit fee payment and $ 250.00 management fee. Fill out a sublease application as complete as possible.

I sign a contract for a year, but I have to leave early, can I just leave?

You are responsible for your binding lease contract between you (leasee) and lessor(landlord), even you vacate your unit, youre still liable for your rent during this period of time. The best economical way is to find someone to sublet or have management leases out the unit for you with an administrative fee. Please review the Sublease Procedure and start the sublease process by submitting a Request To Sublease application as complete as possible.

What happens if I break (terminate) my lease before lease ends?

An Early lease termination occurs when a resident plans to vacate their residence before their lease ends…. Read more

Work Order FAQs

My faucet is leaking and I know I dont have to pay for water as part of my contract; do I need to call the Landlord?

Its your duty to report any damage to the management, failure doing so, the charge would be your responsibility.

How do I put in service request? (ex: my light bulb outside my door burn out and need to have it replaced).

The best way is to email your request to Support@nwrenting.com , or give us a call, while we do encourage verbal communication, a service request through an email can give you an audit trail.